1440 Main Street has been an integral part of the Ferdinand community since the early 1850′s. The following is a complete and correct timeline as best we know it. If you see something that is in error or would like to contribute a story or a piece that is missing from this timeline, please let us know.


Original portion of the building was erected and known as the Poschen Store.


The building was enlarged by Albert T. Sonderman and operated a general store, including furniture.

July 1883

Joseph A. Sonderman took over the store until November 9, 1911. The store was rebuilt during this time.

November 1911

Ryan Brothers continue to operate the business until May 1912.

July 1912

Carl and John Bartley operated a General Merchandise store under the Bartley Brothers’ name.

February 1919

Carl became less involved and two other Bartley’s, Jake and Leo, joined the scene.


Jake sold his interest in the store and it continued operation as Bartley Store.

May 1924

A branch of Great Western Glove Manufacturing Company of Jasper operated a glove factory on the second floor until March 1940.

October 1932

John and Leo Bartley moved their store to the Henry Beckman Building. The building remained vacant until 1938.


The building was renovated and opened as a modern department store called Sonderman’s Store.

February 1946

The Taylor Brothers operated a cleaning, pressing and tailor shop in the north building.

April 1946

The Taylor Brothers sold their business to Holland Elmore who operated it for a short time.

March 1947

The building was leased to John Schnaus and Eugene Russ for a furniture manufacturing plant, the United Wood Products Company.  John and Robert Schnaus of Jasper and Eugene Russ of Ferdinand incorporated the company.

January 1949

John and Robert Schnaus and Eugene Russ purchased the building from Catherine Sonderman. Renovations and additions were made as the plant expanded.


G.L. Ohrstrom Company, an investment group from New York purchased the manufacturing plant and became known as the Dorset Corporation under the United Manufacturing Company name.


The building became a support plant for Jasper Cabinet Company, which was also a division of the Dorset Corporation.

Early 2000′s

Jasper Cabinet Company ceased operation and the building was put up for sale.

January 2004

The building was purchased by Automated Routing, Incorporated of 16920 N SR 545, St. Meinrad, IN (Schaeffer Brothers) for $45,000

November 20, 2006

The Sonderman Building section was demolished and the area was made into a parking lot.

February 2009

Deco Properties purchased the building as a multi-purpose building for small businesses. The Ferdinand Antique Emporium opened and Keith Fritz Fine Furniture began production in the building.

October 10, 2009

Boundless Grounds Coffee Shop opened and began serving lunches and fine coffee.

February 2010

The Book Nook was finished and began lending and borrowing books to share with the community.

April 2010

Feathered Fedora Design began developing websites within the walls of 1440 Main Street


The building is always undergoing improvements and adding new small businesses to the space.

Dates and facts for the information up to and including November 20, 2006 were taken from Business Activities in Ferdinand, a book published in 1965 by Albert F. SOnderman and from A Sesquicentennial History, published in 1990 by the Ferdinand Historical Society.